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NBearLite V1.0.2.4

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Released: Apr 14, 2008
Updated: Apr 14, 2008 by teddycn
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Release Notes

NBearLite Version beta

Author: Teddy (

Official Site:

Open Source License: BSD

Copyright: 2007-2010

Release Notes

Version beta

1) Enhanced Not In, Not IS NULL operation of query expression.
2) OrderBy on Enahnced Expression.ALias() column.
3) Fix the "variable not declared" issue in complex query expression.
4) Add ExpressionClip.ToNumber() method, return column type is double or float.

Version beta

1) Add DB2 Database Provider.
2) Add QueryColumns and StoredProcedure wrappers generating support for DB2 database.
3) Fix bug in NBearMapping when converting NULL Guid value.

Version beta

1) Add ConstantCreateExpressionAttribute and ConstantUpdateExpressionAttribute class to support
constant create or update expression for specific fields.
e.g. If User class has a UpdateTime field, for either Create or Update, it's value should be updated
to the current database side getutcdate() value, you can Mark the field with the attributes like:
public class User : ActiveRecord<User>

public DateTime UpdateTime;

2) Add ReadOnlyActiveRecord and ReadOnlyAssociationRecord class.
3) Add Left & Right Outer join support to Database.Select.

Version beta

1) Change all T[] ToList<T>() methods to ToArray<T>() and add List<T> ToList<T>() methods.

2) Add simplified Initialize(Database db, IQueryTable table) methods to ActiveRecord and
AssociationRecord class.

3) Update the NBearLite PetShop 4.0 sample to use the latest NBearLite dlls,
package the NBearLite PetShop 4.0 sample into the binary distribution zip.

Version beta

1) NBear.Mapping fixed the bug when converting data to Hierarchical classes.

2) NBear.Mapping fixed the bug when converting NULL value.

3) New NBearLite.ActiveRecord and AssociationRecord class implementing the ActiveRecord pattern.

4) New NBearLiteDataSource and DropDownListField web control and a NBearLite.WebTest website.

5) Updated documentation for new classes and controls.

Version beta

1) Add ToScalar<ReturnType>() method to SelectSqlQuery, add ToScalar<ReturnType>(),
ToSubQuery(), ToSingleObject() and ToList() methods to CustomSqlQuery class.

2) Packaged the WebControls DLL of the open source Microsoft patterns & practices
Web Client Software Factory June 2007 into the dist folder.
You can download its source code from:

Version beta

1) Add Alias() and Select() for select on SubQuery support.
DataSet ds = db.Select(Northwind.Categories,
(Northwind.Categories.CategoryID + 1).Alias("ID"),
(Northwind.Categories.CategoryName + "_teddy").Alias("Name"))
.SetSelectRange(10, 0, Northwind.Categories.CategoryID)
.Select(new QueryColumn("ID", DbType.Int32),
new QueryColumn("Top10Cats.Name", DbType.String))
.Where(new QueryColumn("Top10Cats.ID", DbType.Int32) > 0 &&
new QueryColumn("Name", DbType.String).Trim().Length > 8)

Version beta

1) Fix bug in ExpressionClip.Trim() method.

Version beta

1) Fix bug in Load AdditionalDbProviders Assembly in some environments.

Version beta

1) Fix bug in Batch Insert.
2) Add ExpressionClip.Alias() method to support column alias.
3) Fix bug when using cloumn alias in MsAccess provider.
4) Fix bug in using AddtionalDbProviders in websites.
5) Add the NBearLite PetShop 4.0 Sample.


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