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NBearLite V1.0.0.9 and NBearMapping v1.0.0.2 Beta

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Released: Aug 6, 2007
Updated: Aug 6, 2007 by teddycn
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Release Notes

NBearLite Version beta

Author: Teddy (

Official Site:

Open Source License: BSD

Copyright: 2007-2010

Release Notes

Version beta

1. Fix bug of getting oracle table and view info in QueryColumnsGenerator.exe tool.
2. Change the NBearLite_Documentation format from chm to general HTML to prevent some operation
system's could not open it issue.

Version beta

1. Fix type cast bug when QueryColumnsGenerator.exe generated out parameter value is dbnull.
2. Enhance QueryColumnsGenerator.exe to generate one more method for each stored procedure with
a DbTransaction tran parameter.

Version beta

1. Fix bug in Aggregation select.
2. Provide Chinese version full documentation of NBearLite in doc folder.

Version beta

1. Add ToDbCommand() method to InsertSqlSection/UpdateSqlSection/DeleteSqlSection classes.

2. Add 8 Save() method overridens to Database class to support DataTable/DataRows saving.
e.g. Sample Save code:
SelectSqlSection selectSection = db.Select(Northwind.Categories)
.Where(Northwind.Categories.CategoryID == catID)
.SetSelectRange(1, 0, Northwind.Categories.CategoryID);
DataTable dt = selectSection.ToDataSet().Tables0;

dt.Rows0"CategoryName" = "modified";

//save a modified row
db.Save(selectSection.ToDbCommand(), 10, dt);

dt.Rows0"CategoryName" = "modified2";

DataRow newRow = dt.NewRow();
newRow"CategoryName" = "new";

//save 1 modified row and insert a new row
db.Save(selectSection.ToDbCommand(), tran, 0, dt.Rows0, dt.Rows1);

Version beta

1. Add ToDbCommand() method to SelectSqlSection class.

e.g. We can use database.Select(Northwind.Categories).ToDbCommand();

2. Enhance strong type query with sub query support. Add ToSubQuery()
method to SelectSqlSection class.

e.g. Sample strong type query with sub queries:

DataSet ds = db.Select(Northwind.Products)
db.Select(Northwind.Categories, Northwind.Categories.CategoryID).SetSelectRange(10, 0, Northwind.Categories.CategoryID).ToSubQuery())

ds = db.Select(Northwind.Products)
.Where(Northwind.Products.CategoryID ==
db.Select(Northwind.Categories, Northwind.Categories.CategoryID).SetSelectRange(1, 0, Northwind.Categories.CategoryID).ToSubQuery())

Version beta

1. Enhanced NBearLite.QueryColumnsGenerator to generate Stored Procedure
Wrapper methods for SqlServer, Oracle, MySql and PostgreSql databases.

Version beta

1. Fix bug in PostgreSql DbProvider.

Version beta

1. Fix bug in preview version.
2. Add PostgreSql DbProvider in NBearLite.AdditionalDbProviders.dll.
3. Release as the first beta version.

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