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3.6.6 Production

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Released: Mar 7, 2007
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Release Notes

Version 3.6.6 stable

1) Fix "lazyload not cache bug" of query one properties.

Version 3.6.6 beta build 3

1) Fix bug in generating db sql for inherited entities with inherited contract interfaces.

Version 3.6.6 beta build 2

1) Fix bug in generating db sql for inherited entities with contract interfaces.

Version 3.6.6 beta

1) Enhance Gateway.Save(obj) to accept objs in Entity status. What's the benefit? it is:
In previous version, run gateway.Save((Entity)obj) will raise generic type parameter conflicts with constraist exception.
In This version, gateway.Save((Entity)obj) is OK.

2) Enhance EntityDesignToEntity and VsPlugin tool to support generating VB.NET entities code.
To let VsPlugin generate VB.NET code instead of c#, the only thing you should do is to add a line in EntityDesignToEntityCOnfig.xml after <OutputNamespace /> line as below:


3) New NBear Entity Designer VS2005 DSL Plugin (experimental version) provided by flyzb618, not providing source code yet.

Version 3.6.5

1) Add Selecting/Selected/Deleting/Deleted events to NBearDataSource control.

2) Enhance NBearDataSource control's DataKeyNames support to allow user specify DataKeyNames in, for example, GridView.
This important when you do'nt want GridView to show ID values of your entity, but you want your entity to be able to update/delete.

3) Enhance NBearDataSource control to support multi-column PrimaryKey entities.

4) Enhance NBearDataSource control's DBConcurrency check. If you set the ConflictOptions = CompareAllValues and an entity is modified by otherbody after you select it and before you update/delete it, the DBConcurrencyException will be thrown.

5) Added Build-in entities mapping to standard AspNetDb membership tables in namespace - NBear.Web.Data.AspNetDbEntities. The entities design interfaces are in namespace - NBear.Web.Data.AspNetDbEntitiesDesign.

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